Established in 1990!

Welcome at jeweller & goldsmith Galerie D'or

Our jewelery and goldsmith workshop has been established in 1990, and is located in the pleasant center of Calpe.

You will find a special and surprising collection of jewelry with us.

We offer a large collection of 18 carat gold, as well as contemporary silver jewellery. 


As we have our own workshop we offer handmade jewelry, unique pieces designed and created entirely by us.


We will listen carefully to your wishes or preferences and help you find the right jewel for every occasion.


Designs, alterations and repairs

We cater for all types of jewellery repairs. We also offer a truly comprehensive and personal bespoke design service. We have over 30 years  experience in the jewellery trade, so we've learnt a thing or two along the way. We take a very professional approach when asked to repair a customers jewellery. After all jewellery is a very precious and personal thing, often sentimental, with a history all of it's own!


We offer a fully comprehensive repairs service, ring re-sizing, rhodium plating white gold, claw replacement & re-tipping, stone replacement, jewellery cleaning and estimates.  All repairs are carried out onsite in our workshop by skilled jewellers.

We can design and create your perfect piece of jewellery. Help you make informed choices to transform a piece of precious metal into a thing of unique, long lasting beauty. Whether you would like us to recreate a design you have seen elsewhere,

or have only seen in your imagination, we are always happy to discuss your requirements. 

Our staff are on hand to take your dream ideas and thoughts from paper through to the finished

product that will be unique and personal to you.

Labgrown Diamonds


Discover a new era for Diamonds: where innovation meets tradition.

Mining Free

Lab-grown diamonds are a responsible choice since they are grown with precise technology that involves no mining.

Diamond mining can be harmful to the environment and impact the lives of local people.

Beauty & Quality

Lab grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical,

and optical properties as mined diamonds.


Lab-grown diamonds offer excellent value for money.

This is because they can be manufactured specifically and do not have to go through a long supply chain.

This way you can maximize your budget.

We are official distributors of:

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Opening hours winter:

Monday - Friday

10.00 h - 13.30 h

16.30 h - 19.30 h

Saturday closed


Opening hours summer:

Monday - Friday

10.00 h - 13.30 h

17.00 h - 20.00 h

Saturday closed








Jeweller & Goldsmith Galerie D'or

Calle Delfin, Edificio Perlamar nº 4

03710  Calpe - Alicante

Tel. 96 583 45 67

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